**The prices listed are MONTHLY PAYMENTS and do not include the down payment or reflect the Retail Price of the vehicle.** Please refer to the website for more details and up to the minute information on all vehicles available.
Item Name Price
2013 Chevy Equinox LT $552.00
2009 Mazda 6 Sedan $521.00
2013 Hyundai Sonata $531.00
2008 Honda S2000CR $599.00

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Make My Payments, Inc.

Started in 2006, Make My Payments, Inc. is not a dealership. We are a brokerage specializing in owner type financing options.

We require no credit application and provide creative financing options for both buyers and sellers; your ability to make your payments on time and maintain full coverage insurance is our only concern.

The economic downturn in recent years has affected all of us especially those wishing to purchase or sell a Vehicle/Rv or Boat. There are many people with the ability to make a down payment and make reasonable monthly payments but simply can’t qualify for conventional financing.

There are also many people who currently own an Vehicle/Rv or Boat that have been unable to sell due to lack of bank financing for prospective buyers and/or negative equity on current bank loan.

If you have been unable to sell your Vehicle/Rv or Boat due to negative equity and wish to rid yourself of your monthly payment, storage fees, registration, insurance and maintenance fees we can help. We have successfully put buyers and sellers together on many Vehicles/Rvs or Boats and we can do the same for you!

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$1295 month NO CREDIT NEEDED/APPLY TODAY https://t.co/DuEYyynGgb #makemypaymentsorghttps://t.co/UEAgGgPYFS

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$800 month with only 48 month term NO CREDIT NEEDED/APPLY TODAY https://t.co/DuEYyynGgbhttps://t.co/mLwNl5buDy

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$400 month $750 down NO CREDIT NEEDED https://t.co/DuEYyynGgb #makemypaymentsorghttps://t.co/jsCHhkkuXF

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$300 month $750 down NO CREDIT NEEDED https://t.co/DuEYyynGgb #makemypaymentsorghttps://t.co/30stW4iIUt

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$1300 month $8000 down NO CREDIT NEEDED/APPLY TODAY https://t.co/DuEYyynGgb #makemypaymentsorghttps://t.co/4XbKHqcYRe

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$275 month NO CREDIT NEEDED/APPLY TODAY https://t.co/DuEYyynGgb #makemypaymentsorghttps://t.co/3rdSrFP2bJ

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2005 Winnebago Journey 39' Deisel REDUCED DOWN PAYMENT NO CREDIT NEEDED… https://t.co/K2VRHNJZJV

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2015.5 Ford F-150 King Ranch NO CREDIT NEEDED/APPLY TODAY https://t.co/DuEYyynGgbhttps://t.co/hMEQ8wQmz2

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Hydraulic Motor Cycle Lift for a motor home $3000 https://t.co/DuEYyynGgb #makemypaymentsorghttps://t.co/185EBh5cKD

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2007 Monterey 350 SY 37' with only 38 hours. Seller to contribute $4000 towards transport… https://t.co/2StcHPzI4j

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2013 Dutchman Coleman Travel Trailer 35'9" $355 month NO CREDIT NEEDED/APPLY NOW… https://t.co/eCjXdgyQ0Y

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2005 Winnebago Journey 39' deisel pusher NO CREDIT NEEDED/APPLY NOW https://t.co/DuEYyynGgbhttps://t.co/FGEmRsf25P

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2016 Hyundai Elantra SE $600 Month NO CREDIT NEEDED/APPLY NOW https://t.co/DuEYyynGgbhttps://t.co/3Fp2YK3dZb

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2014 Chevy Spark $300 month $500 down NO CREDIT NEEDED/APPLY NOW https://t.co/DuEYyynGgbhttps://t.co/uPes69su4U

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2010 Chevy cobalt $400 month $500 down NO CREDIT NEEDED/APPLY NOW https://t.co/DuEYyynGgbhttps://t.co/6u30SWeWXM

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2007 Honda Civic si $338 month $1000 down NO CREDIT NEEDED/APPLY NOW https://t.co/DuEYyynGgbhttps://t.co/7GkUJpJvwW

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Today's window view @ Reno, Nevada https://t.co/cbTwoTKLRJ

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2005 Winnebago Journey 39' Deisel Pusher NO CREDIT NEEDED/APPLY TODAY https://t.co/DuEYyynGgbhttps://t.co/aMyw53gX41

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Hydraulic motor cycle lift for an Rv for sale $3000 for more info go to https://t.co/DuEYyynGgbhttps://t.co/f51wdL425s

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SELLER IS HELPING WITH TRANSPORT COST OF $4000 2007 Monterey Sport Yacht 350 w/38 hours… https://t.co/wIEPyZqPpv

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2015 GMC Acadia SLE-2 $450 month NO CREDIT NEEDED/APPLY NOW https://t.co/DuEYyynGgbhttps://t.co/WFYRu7hUIx

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Available for take over payments 2013 Dutchman Coleman 35'9" with outside kitchen $355 month NO… https://t.co/AnkeUoX8Kb

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2007 Honda Civic SI $338 month no credit needed/apply today https://t.co/DuEYyynGgbhttps://t.co/xIo2eIurBj

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2015 Dodge Journey R/T $775 No credit needed/apply today https://t.co/DuEYyynGgbhttps://t.co/u1ndjq5I51

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😁 @ Rocklin, California https://t.co/4fY5Ddg9lt

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2010 Chevy Cobalt $500 down payment with new tires no credit needed/apply today… https://t.co/cf0l8v27IJ